Permanent Cosmetics

  •  Eyeliner  Top and  Bottom  $ 475
  • Two - Tone eyeliner $ 550
  • Lash Enhancement   $ 375.00
  • Lipliner & Full Color $ 550.00
  • Powdered Brow   $450
  • For touchups please call me office

Retouch color refresher Please contact for prices



                                                                                     Eye Liner- After Care

Eyes may be swollen and tender for a few days.  This is normal.  Itching is also common.  Make up remover pads dipped in ice water can feel very soothing.  Please do not ice for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Icing is most effective, the first 24 hours.  Sleeping slightly elevated can also reduce any residual swelling of eyes.  Swelling and or sticky or crusty residue sometimes occurs the following morning after your procedure.

In the morning if eyes are stuck together, use a wet Q-tip or clean, warm, wet cloth and gently separate.  Do not rub, peel or pick!  Keep the area clean and only use the after care ointment very sparingly for 3 to 4 days.  Apply once in the am and once in pm. Do not let the eyeliner become dry in the first 72 hours. If sensitive to ointment, or you cannot keep it out of your eyes, do not use.

Avoid sun, chlorine pools, hot tubs and all creams around eye area.  Eyes heal very well.  However, very rarely they are exposed to the possibility of secondary infection like conjunctivitis.  You may rinse with sterile saline eyewash and seek medical attention for an antibiotic steroid eye drop.  Eyes are sensitive to pet dander, gardening, dust and dirty hands.  Sunglasses add wonderful protection.  Please use a new tube of mascara after each procedure.   Do not wear makeup for 72 hours directly on eye

                                              Eye Liner  What to Expect:


   This can vary from slightly puffy to swollen, heavy lids, light sensitive and possibly bloodshot.   They feel more swollen than they actually appear.  Makeup looks quite heavily applied. It's advisable to sleep in an elevated position to help reduce swelling at night. Also, do not use your best pillowcase the first two nights.


                                          Lips- After Care


*Prescribed Valtrex or anti viral medication is required if you have ever had a fever blister or cold sore!

Lips may be swollen, tender and very dry for a few days after your treatment.  This is normal.

Apply lip balm, Carmex or after care ointment on lips several times a day for 7-10 days post treatment.

Do not allow lips to become dry. This may interfere with the healed color. During the day, apply liberally by tapping, not rubbing the ointment in. Remember to use a clean Q-tip or wash hands before applying.

It is advised to sleep on an old pillowcase in case residual pigment comes off skin. After initial peeling of the outer layer, lips may continue to be chapped and flaky. This is normal. Continue keeping them moisturized and do not pick at the skin.

Avoid: Tanning beds, sun burning and extreme heat, chlorine pools/hot tubs as this will cause possible infection and blistering on the healing area. (5 days)

Be sure to protect your lips with sunblock to prevent fading.

Redness, swelling, tenderness, and dryness are normal, try to avoid hot, spicy, salty, acidic foods for your comfort.

Lips are unpredictable. Some clients yield a very strong healed color while others heal with slight color. You may require 1-3 sessions to obtain desired color retention.

FEVER BLISTERS are a common side effect and can occur on the 3rd or 4th day, therefore it is required that you take the necessary preventative prescribed medication to minimize this possibility immediately. Preferably 2 days before procedure and for 3-4 days following procedure.

Lips heal in 3 stages: Too dark – Too light – Just right. This may take up to a month.

Schedule your touchup visit for no less than I month apart. In most cases, you are allowed 2 complimentary touchup visits within a year. Remember to keep your appointment. A 24 hour cancellation is required (excluding Sundays and holidays). Otherwise your scheduled appointment will be counted as your normal touchup visit.

Maintenance touchups may be desired in future years to keep them beautiful. A nominal touch up fee is charged for this service.

                                                                     s, the better the outcome and lifespan of the permanent cosmetic procedures.


                                                         Lips What to Expect:


    Lips will be swollen, feel tender and hot and do well with ice therapy. The lips will appear as though wearing a bright or dark vivid lipstick. The color may appear warmer than ultimately desired.  They will feel very dry and you will feel a need to continually apply your aftercare product.

   Lips will usually be less swollen but still tight and dry.

  Even less swollen, still vibrant and might still feel hot.

  Skin begins to peel; you will see much pigment coming off. Do not pick or peel. Lip color under peeling skin will appear very light in color.

  Lips will appear and feel very chapped and dry. Peeling should be complete.

    Color appears very soft in color. Keep well moisturized with non petrolatum product. Color may seem to disappear and almost become 'frosty' in appearance.

   Color begins to 'bloom' little by little each day. Keep well moisturized.

   Healing is complete. The color you see is the color you will retain. Keep moisturized.


NOTE:   The outcome of permanent cosmetic procedures is dictated by its canvas. The better condition your skin is in, the better the final result will be. Dry, sun damaged skin and lips are                                        

 Eyebrow-After Care


Apply ointment on brows for 3 to 7 days.  Do not let the brows get dry and crusty.  Some minor swelling, redness or itching is normal and to be expected.  Only apply ointment twice a day with a clean Q-tip.  Only a small amount is needed to occlude the eyebrow area.  Keep clean and avoid sun, chlorine pools, and direct water pressure.  Do not pick or rub the area.  Brows will oxidize and get darker before they lighten in healing.  This is normal!  Do not wear any makeup for 72 hours directly on brow area.  Do not use any Glycolic, Hydroxy or fruit acid products on brow area.  Future maintenance touch ups may be desired to keep them beautiful.



                                                               Eye Brows  What to Expect:


      What you see is about 20-40% darker, bolder and more solid than what your healed result will present. Under the pigment, the skin is red and pigment has been deposited into the layer of skin containing dead skin cells; combined giving the appearance of darker color. There may be minimal swelling but because typically the eyebrow area does not retain much fluid, swelling will be limited. The top layers of skin will begin to shed on about day 3-5, and you will see a loss of color. This is normal, and the pigment that was deposited superficially will come off with the skin it is embedded within. DO NOT HELP IT! Let it peel on its own. To pull the skin off, you will remove 'plugs' of dermal pigments as it has not detached itself completely at this point.

          Your eyebrows may begin to itch and the pigment may appear somewhat raised. Don't scratch them. 

      The skin is now in the throes of rapid exfoliation and if left alone, will shed evenly.   The color under the exfoliating skin will continue to appear light until the epidermis takes on its more transparent characteristics.

   Now is the time to critique your brows as you have had a full cycle of cellular regeneration in which the tattoo has now become part of the dermis, seen under the epidermis.